Colon Hydrotherapy

Detox Colon Hydrotherapy with Angel of Water

Yudelka Gómez
Therapist in colon hydrotherapy certified by the organization international colon hydrotheraphy "I-Act".

Colon hydrotherapy is a wash with doubly purified water which empties the contents of the colon.
The hydrotherapy system of colon Angel of Water has a prestige in the market for more 25 years old and fully approved by the FDA.

Treatment to help to improve conditions as they are:
-Gastrointestinal problems
-Little bowel movement
-Abdominal distension
-Unpleasant body odors
-Headaches or migraines
-Skin rash
-Among many others

Effective to prepare their patients, at the time of prescribing or performing them studies such as:
-Rectal colon surgery
-Virtual colonoscopies
-Barium enemas
-General Surgeries

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