Our Team

We want clients and designers alike to think about their design and how it will work with the web copy, we want you think about how numbers, symbols and bullet points will look.

Oscar / Stylist, makeup artist and colorist.

Hairy / Hair extension specialist and color.

Arelis / Stylist and colorist.

D'oleo / Stylist, hair extension and colorful.

Mary / Stylist, colorist and hair extension.

Carolina / Stylist, colorist, eyelash extension specialist braids.

Jannette / Administrator.

Sol / Stylist.

Doris / Hair cutting and styling.

Sandra / Manicurist.

Maria Luz / Manicurist.

Cecilia / Manicurist.

Elizabeth / Manicurist.

Lucy / Manicure and pedicure.

Minerba / Manicurist.

Damaris / Stylist, colorist, hair extension.

Maritza / Stylist and colorist.

Lissette / Stylist, colorist, makeup, hair extension.

Anny / Specialist undercuts, short style and extensions.

Antonia / Hair stylist assistant.

Carmen / Stylist.

Erika / Stylist and colorist.

Gleady / Manicurist.

Rosalyn / Manicurist.

Cristina / Manicurist.

Mercedes / Manicurist.

Maria Eugenia Vanegas / Permanent makeup, massages, permanent eyelashes facial and massage to reduce weight.